Marianne Cathomen

Marianne Cathomen and Hansy Vogt in a duet

The winner of the international Grandprix from Switzerland with her warm and expressive voice, who has been following her musical life motto for years: A life without music is like a life without love.

The successful, likeable singer & entertainer, who surprises his audience again and again with his natural spontaneous way.

Together they present the cult song “Sommerwein” packed in the new “Pop Schlager” sound.

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Singer / songwriter / presenter / model

Music you will never forget and that will make your event an unforgettable experience.
Whether with pop hits, country music, folk, old rock songs or goldies from the 60s to 90s, let yourself be carried away by and with her beautiful songs.

“A life without music is like a life without love”

Looking forward to see you, from my heart Marianne

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